By George, I think you got it! Jesus whispers to me everyday! A few years ago I was reading up on George Washington and his relationship with Ben Franklin. Two of the most opposite personalities you can get, but a relationship closer than no other. Ben, the typical “A” type, list making, agenda driven person. George, on the other hand, a more easy come, easy go worldly perspective. Both, obviously successful in changing the world, but I find George’s way, much more interesting and Peace filled these days!

While Ben got up every morning with to-do-list in hand, the only thing George cared about was a cup of joe in his hand and a nice peaceful porch to start. Apparently, George lived with a certain mindset spurred on by a morning question to the World, GOD and the Universe! He would sit on his porch, coffee in hand and ask, ” I wonder what the world is going to bring me today?” A free spirit of sorts. In other words, Im going to be inspirational in lieu of motivational. I’m going to listen to the world, the people, the path around me, more so than just jumping off this porch like a pit bull with no lease. I’m going to take everything as it comes. Well, the rest is history they say.

President or not, this has become a staple attitude every morning in my life over the last three years. And I have to say, not without mental discipline and faith. You see, I’m the Ben Franklin’s of the world, or use to be. Everything had to be structured out, bull in the china shop, rhino charge way. While it served me well for a season of my life, at this point in time, my motivation was not as inspiring as GOD wanted it to be. HE (GOD) wanted me to sit before I charged off the porch. HE wanted me to listen to my path, not dig it! A little scary at first I will truly admit. Not at all the way I was taught! Charging was all I ever knew. And in turn, bad judgement and decisions were made and I found myself floundering for my purpose. That too I was not accustom to experiencing. Looking back over the last three years, there’s no logical explanation for how my life has expanded and grown. And for maybe one of the first times in my life I don’t need to know. I just need to allow and trust GOD for the day! “By George, I think he’s got it!” Yes, I do! Or at least I know how to get it, each and every day!

So tomorrow as your alarm clock goes off, don’t be alarmed about the day. Instead of rushing out the door with your to do list in hand, sit for a second, take a breathe and ask, “I wonder what the world is going to bring me today?” You may not become president, but do this for a month and your life will feel like you are.

The Messenger