Wishful thinking makes one resentful! Point your finger at the rich, be ticked off at the system, even feel you are entitled, life is on your face, anyway you slice your pie! You want a lifestyle that gives you freedom to do what you want when you want it. You even want enough money to buy what you want when you want. But, deep down you are not willing to do anything about it. See it’s not about ability, timing or privilege, its about resources. And at any given time, place or circumstance you can find the resources to help discover a path to your desires. But, for most you would rather sit and gripe, point fingers, verbally chastise those who have discovered their gifts and resources, even curse GOD. Really? How’s thought all working for you?

Having a lifestyle you always wanted is more about mentality than muscle. It’s more about self deserving than prideful thinking. It’s all about making Peace with what you have and being eager for more to come. The world and GOD are smarter than most give credit too. If you cannot handle or be at Peace with what you have, then why in the world would GOD give you more? Not good stewardship, do you you think? The more you point fingers and become resentful, the more you block GOD’s blessings in life. The more you feel you are entitled to something for nothing, the less you will have. Believe me, I know from experience. Making Peace with your current circumstances, instantly brings life to you.

Somehow, someway you got to finger out a way to let go of your past, anger and built up resentment toward yourself, others and the world. You have to deep down forgive everything. For me, everything I have ever worked for, or wanted, came to me the minute I made Peace with it all through quiet time, appreciation lists and a giving spirit daily. Getting everything you ever wanted is all about resources. And the truth is, each one reading this already has the resources inside of you to instantly change your life. Oh, and let me in on a little secret, it’s OK to be Rich materially and spiritually! Just do some research on all the rich people in the bible including Jesus.