14 Apr 2017
April 14, 2017

Life or Death ~ It’s All Good!

Everyday is Good Friday! People fear death, then there’s Jesus who did it freely! At the time, most thought today was the end, watching Him die there on that cross. Not Jesus! It’s all good!  Most thought, “How in the world could a man who has all the power to send legions of angels, suffer there willingly? It’s all good! Jesus knew. Today, the world is changing faster than ever before. Today, Christ’s biblical predictions are being revealed like never before. Today, people are living in fear for ever more. Today, many years ago, Jesus gave His life for those He never took score.

No matter the circumstances, no matter the time, no matter the outlook! No matter the pain in ones life, there is no approval of man necessary! Jesus died for us, and all is good!

The Messenger