16 Apr 2017
April 16, 2017

Let Go ~ Enjoy the Ride of Life!

Life is more simple than most make it! For some reason you have convinced yourself that if you push harder, go against the grain, have struggles then you have more of a sense of accomplishment. How’s that working for you? You’re physically exhausted most of the time, scattered in your thoughts and focus, reactive to every wave of life that comes your way. Then for unknown other reasons you get up the next day thinking if you do the same thing, the current will go away. Really? How’s that working for you?

You see, whether you row or not the destination is all the same. If that’s the case, why row? Why have an oar in the first place? Why paddle against the current of life, only to find yourself at the end of each day, same place, same situation, same ole life? Really? How’s that working for you? Let it go! Let is ALL go! Isn’t that the fun part of tubing; twisting, turning, seeing all sights in and around the stream? And at the end of the ride you laugh with soul full of Joy; soaking wet!

You have one ride on this beautiful earth. You can chose daily to resist everything that it brings, by trying to hard and not listening to your surroundings or, you can ride by allowing everything in, taking things more in stroke with the current. You’re going to end up at the same place, might as well twist, turn and laugh your way there. Try it, and see how that works for you!

The Mentor