Should of done that, but I can’t do that! Or, next we do this, and then we do that! Much different feel, do you agree?

If you want to know why your life is where it’s at, just step aside and listen to what’s flowing out of your mouth. Listen to the should haves, could haves, would haves and I don’t have’s! The flow of ones life, starts at the mouth of the river of words. The flow of ones life is determined by how little of the amounts of rocks in your stream. Should’s, but’s are all rocks, hinderance to the natural flow of our lives. Eliminate the rocks, and the river flows full of blessings and brotherhoods.

If the world and its negativity can keep you between your should’s and but’s then your life has not much meaning. Challenges, tough decisions, heart aches, sure are all part of our daily paths, however, closing the gap from on our knees to getting up and taking the next step is the key. Sure, things happen, yet dwelling on them, only makes them bigger in our lives. For me, replacing my “should’s or but’s” with “next or ands” changed my life. It kick started momentum, positive aspects, and pushed out resistance or rocks in my river so to speak. Recognizing my words, mattered. Mattered a lot, to my attitude, my current reality and what GOD had for me. If you want to change your life and allow blessings to flow in your life, change your butt’s to and’s and your shoulds to next and watch what happens.

The Messenger