26 Oct 2014
October 26, 2014

Leap, Breathe, Grow- Matters of the Heart!

Matters of the heart! Leap, Breathe, Grow!

“It’s not what you write, it’s about what you believe about what you write.” God says a few years ago.

Thursday evening, I just needed some mountain air. I know my body and something was off, I just did not feel very well. However, I could not put my figure on it like I always am capable of doing; my chest was tight. As I continued to walk through the mountains, I kept telling myself, “This soon will pass. This soon will pass. God take this away, please. I am fitness guru, I’m not suppose to have a heart attack in my forties.” I kept thinking with every step it’s in my head, not my heart, not now LORD this world I part.

Over the last few years I have found myself holding my breathe all through out the days. When I would get nervous about a situation or individual I would unconsciously hold my breath. So as I am walking, thinking this is the big one, once again noticed that I was holding my breath as if I was trying to hold unto something, control the situation in other words.

Teachable Moments

Over the last few years, most of you who have been following me on social networks, know I have leaped big time into an entirely new life and adventure. All things are new in my life, and all things are more uncontrollable than ever has been. I cut my music off and dialed the phone to my friend, thinking she needed to take me to the hospital, I think I’m having a heart attack. For the first time is many moons, I become frightened and scare. LORD, please I can overcome many a things, but this is not one thing I need, not now at this time in my life, not ever. For whatever reason, at that moment in the pitch black of darkness, God whispers, “BREATHE GREG, BREATHE. LET IT GO, LET IT ALL GO GREG. It was right then and there, my breathing slowed, my chest pain went away and all seemed a right. No fear, no worry, no auxiety, just peace and ease. I realized my breathing was a by product of me worrying and trying to control some portion some result of my life that in truth I had absolutely no control over. I was leaping, but was not breathing, I was preaching and not teaching. I was writing, but not believing.

Letting Go!

Trust! For me it’s summed up in that one word, “Trust.” For me if I am not breathing I am not trusting. The cool thing is, when I am trusting, the air I breath fills not only my lungs, but my hear and soul as well. Will everything be perfect? Will everything go as planned and the way I want it too? To both, absolutely not. But, maybe, just maybe now when I do leap in life and find myself holding my breath, holding onto the end results of my choosing, I sit back, take a breathe and say, “All is good in the world. All is just a matter of the heart!