Finally! After over sixty resumes and hours of pain staking grammar bombs and twitter like cover letters I found the one, I hope! Twenty-two, well dressed, approachable, sounds like a winner of the front desk operator at the spa. And in the nick of time, busy season upon us! A phone call, not a text, “Hi Jane, this is Bill, when can you come in so we can get you started on training of the spa?” “Well, I’m kind of busy the next two weeks. I’ll give you a call when things slow down.” Jane replies. “I’m sorry Jane, did you say you are too busy to come in and have a great job, benefits and bonuses? Did I hear you correctly that you are too busy at the beach with your friends to hold down a responsible empowering part of life?” “It’s just crazy now, spring break and all! She replies.” How about this Jane, let me save you the inconvenience to your life and say, “You’re fired Jane!” OK! She laughs.

Entitlement kills, empowerment fills!

I guess I come from the old school way of thinking. Raised on a farm where fourteen hour days filled with physical labor was the norm. Allowance? If you are blessed to get one with no expectations. Vacations? Now that’s funny! Spring breaks? Pipe dreams! Benefits? Fresh air to breathe, yes! While the farm work was brutal at times, today that brutality has built a pretty strong foundation in my life. When tough times come, those long, tough, self satisfaction days many years ago, today empower me. Today, looking back, now I understand the importance of instilling good work ethics in life. The joy of taking (good) pride in striving for something, faith in a goal, looking forward to the fruits of my labors. Today, that empowerment has built a healthy self esteem that over flows in every aspect of my life and those I touch.

Yes, a new generation has been born. A new way of thinking has been bread into the lives of those who for some sad reason feel a sense of entitlement. For some strange, low self esteem reason, many feel the world owes them something and in real sad cases, owes them everything. Jane, while my compassion runs deep, my empathy and sympathy cannot be found for you. One day, life will come calling and you will have no one to call upon yourself. And when you reach deep in side with no principles of self pride, discipline, goal setting, sense of accomplishment you will painfully realize how empty life really is. You see Jane, striving for something, no matter the price paid, brings Joy, Love for self and life, a value to you your family and the world. So you take your so called busy life Jane and enjoy it now while it lasts. Because, soon Jane, your five loaves and two fish will soon run out, but the emptiness will remain.

The Messenger