28 Apr 2017
April 28, 2017

Incompetent or Just Plain Lazy?

Life is a mirror! Like it or not. What you do, matters! Matters a lot to you and those around you. Leadership requires a bigger picture thinking. It demands you look outside your self. If you don’t think your actions, attitudes and attributes don’t matter, look at your children or close friends. Life is a mirror! Did I already say that? We are so very quick to point fingers, play the blame game for our circumstances.

But in truth, look in the mirror. We are so willing to make excuses, argue for our limitations, if you will. Why? Are we as society incompetent or just plain lazy or both? What ever we are, the children will be the same or more so. How you feel today will be your tomorrow. How our children and those around us see us will be your tomorrow. Laziness, pride and denial probably kill more than any disease out there. Kills the spirit! You want to know what your future children or world will become? Look in the mirror and ask, “Incompetent or just plain lazy?”

The Mentor