02 May 2017
May 2, 2017

In Surrender ~ We Find Strength!

Surrender and Obedience! Not much would you say, asked for by GOD? Then why are they so hard for us to do? The only time we tend to drop is when we are about to drop in our lives. The only time we let our worries and circumstances go to GOD is when we have no strength to fight any longer. I’m sure GOD has thought many times with me, “Dude, it really does not have to be so hard; your life that is.”

TRUST ME ~ I Got This!

There is one thing both, surrendering and being obedient to GOD requires and that is, “Trust!” Yes, that word. Trust brings with it surrender and obedience, but in turn demands us to let go of everything. Our past, present and future. For me, getting on my knees was maybe a yearly thing, or a last minute one until I just about lost it all. My career, friends, family. My pride, denial and “go at it alone” attitude cost me dearly. Today, I never start the day before I am on my knees. Life’s too dangerous, if I don’t. Paul says, “Why do I do the things I should not, and do not do the things I should? i know me! I know that I tend to pridefully pull back daily and say to GOD so to speak, “I got this! I can do this life thing, on my own GOD!” Even when the day before I prove to Him I cannot. My nature is to drive my own bus. So I know, if I don’t surrender daily and get on my knees as a symbolic gesture, then the next day will be tougher, absence of Peace. And, for the life of me, I cannot go back to losing everything.

The interesting thing I have learned is, “In my weakness, I have huge amounts of strength.” I was taught, showing any type of surrender was a show of weakness. But, it really isn’t. When I am on my knees, GOD takes over all my burdens. It’s a load lifted off I’m telling you.  “Cast your cares on me, for my burdens are light!” The Bible says. Trust. Not the easiest for me or you to do. But, maybe the most powerful thing we can do here on earth. Take it from me, don’t wait to lose it all, in order to kneel and ask GOD for Peace, direction and purpose. Don’t wait until you have no strength left to pray to the one who knows all. Take it from me, in your surrender you will find your strength! A wise friend said to me years ago, “GOD does not care how you get there, HE just wants you there.” On your knees in Obedience and Surrender!

“TRUST ME ~ I Got This”   ~ GOD