Is this as good as it gets? Glad it’s not Monday and looking forward to Friday? What kind of life is that? You resent it being Monday, you rejoice that it’s Wednesday and you breathe a sigh of relief its Friday. And then Monday you do it all over again. Wow, there’s something to get up for! When did you start to believe that doing the same thing over and over would yield you different results? Nothing changes, unless something changes in your attitude. Complacent breeds depression ruled in Fear! And Fear is an illusion. So in truth every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and every day in between you live in delusion. Humm….you are afraid to dream, but you have no problem living in a delusional world of Fear. It’s not what we do in life we end up regretting, it’s what we didn’t do. Camels live in a very dry environment, so do you. You are living in a dried up arena of life. You are slowing dying of thirst. And as camels do, you spit out resentment, jealousy, envy, digging in the sand, willing to do nothing about it! Really?

Nothing Changes, until you change! It’s not about others, your present job or even your health. It’s about your attitude. My life at one time was a dry as the Sahara. Then one day I make a quality decision to own my circumstances. To see the good verses bad, to change my Monday, Wednesday, Friday thinking. The minute I did, the minute everyday became a Friday and I could breathe easier. You want a different life, then make a decision, own it and go get it!

“Nothing Changes, unless something changes!”

The Mentor