18 Mar 2013
March 18, 2013

Hope Does Float, Cancer Survivors

Cancer! Will there ever be a cure? I do not have that answer, but I have to believe HOPE may be the best medicine we have to date. What’s your price for confidence I always ask? For Kathy that day, jumping out of an airplane was more than just a leap of surviving; it was a jump of a life thriving. And for me watching her floating through the clouds on a cushion of air convinced me, HOPE does float!

What’s your price for a little confidence? No medicine can manage, no money can buy, what a little bit of confidence will do for those afflicted with any form of cancer is priceless. Here are five things I observed from Kathy-

Chose get as much exercise as she could at the same time managing energy.
Intuitively recognized the importance both psychologically and physically.
Acted forward after Cancer surgery; no time to think too much.
Constructed one or two support members around her, no enablers.
Took an attitude of one day at a time.

So I ask once again, “What is your price for HOPE?”