17 Feb 2013
February 17, 2013

Greg’s Story

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert, 20-year health club consultant, former bodybuilding champion and personal trainer to the stars. Today, Greg is a best selling author, speaker and international fitness expert.

DSC_0658_500pxAs a renowned public speaker, author and television personality, Greg Ryan has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shape up their health and live up to their greatness. His groundbreaking methodologies in productivity for both your ‘body and mind’ executive his peak performance. It is a message Greg Ryan has learned from his own life and one he is helping others apply to theirs. He is becoming widely recognized as the world’s upcoming authority on personal and mental fitness.  In twenty five years of championing bodybuilding, motivation and christian healing, he has garnished his self in line with some of the world’s highest-performing professionals, corporations and institutions.  Greg Ryan has quickly become hailed as one the newest top faces of the world’s most influential thinkers in the arena of personal productivity. Whether it’s for his outstanding programs, authorship or christian motivation it is his aligned focus and vision in the face of change that drives him farther up the ranks,

Adopted at birth, by a rural farming family in lower Michigan, Greg was raised in the elegance of America’s heartland, but as do the season’s change, so does life.  Greg’s life quickly changed in his diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder at the tender age of twelve.  Greg found healing and comfort within his childhood challenges at his families Pentecostal Church.   A foundation of faith that would most be remembered in his years to come.  Six years later, Greg took his Attention Deficit Disorder obstacles to gold, winning The Mr. Michigan Bodybuilding Competition within the teenage division; quickly ensued, by winning the overall award the following year.  Greg began to learn that winning was his goal and the competitions heightened.  Soon after, Greg found himself in the winners mix of The U.S.A. bodybuilding championships.  A competitive world of fitness only a select few can endure.  Within this competitive world of bodybuilding, Greg soon learned that life was a sum of all his choices.  His collection of championship medals become a painful reminder of a past full of hidden addictions.  At the age of twenty-two, Greg came clean with his steroid obsessions and learned that being challenged in life with decisions was inevitable, but being defeated  by them was optional. Greg takes pride in the win, and beat his addictions.  After reaching his sobriety, he soon realized the painful reality of just how important decisions in life were at the loss of his cousin who died from the same addiction.  His cousins departure, within competitive bodybuilding, quickly was transformed by Greg into action as a gain to thousands.  He quickly began speaking on the harms of steroid addictions, changing lives across the country within the lessons learned regarding his career and his cousins.

Greg heightened his newly found success and pursued his degree at Andrews University then quickly relocated to Los Angeles as an employee to the famous fitness guru, Kathy Smith.  In Los Angeles, Greg found healing in the personal training venue, working as a personal trainer for the likes of Brooke Shields, Robert Downey Jr, George Wendt, Bridget Fonda amongst many others.  His personal trainer success didn’t go unnoticed.  He was boldly offered his own television show on FOX in South Bend, Indiana.  There, Greg Ryan thrived and moved to new levels on the national scene of personal training.  In addition to his television show, Greg widened his scope by creating a post rehab and fitness franchise for seniors and diabetics called, Resolutions; which later expanded, by creating its own Psychology of Weight Loss branch.

The success of Resolutions landed Greg in Louisville, Kentucky where he began attending The Southeast Christian Mega Church.  There, he traveled on eight mission trips to Europe promoting his beliefs in fitness and christianity.  His inspiration created by this opportunity expanded his leadership roles by starting a bible study within his own home.  His newly found faith connected his wide array of talents. Within his newly found ambitions, Greg positioned his focus towards authorship.  in 2003 he attacked the market and published his first fitness book entitled, Changing From The Inside Out.  After its much accredited success, he followed up with four more additional books published within the Changing From The Inside Out series. Greg’s books flourished on the international scene and so did he.  The Greg Ryan portfolio expanded and his books came into high demand.  Focusing on impacting the lives of readers, he added two more books. Hope Floats covers topics such as cancer, diabetes and the benefits of exercise. The other entitled Fitting In, which was his trendsetting punch on the addictions of steroids influencing young men & women across the country.   After his astounding achievements of book writing, his newly added success came to an unfortunate pause.

Greg’s future was shaken after he being diagnosed with Sensory Autism in 2010.  After countless turnaround success stories behind his belt, Greg was ready to overcome his defiance yet again.  He knew the bigger the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. In a world where people are always blaming their circumstances for what they are, Greg has successfully challenged his audiences not to believe in their circumstances, but to make them.  In Greg Ryan’s world if you expect life to be easy, challenges will seem difficult.  Knowing that challenged will occur, life will become easier.  Greg Ryan is perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, respect and authority.  Greg Ryan is where motivational speaking is going.