Wishful thinking! That’s what motivation really is! Why is being motivated only temporary? It’s not heart felt, that’s why! It’s superficial at best! It’s more doing something after the fact with no pure intentions. If the thing you are motivated to do is not a HECK YES, then it should never be started. Why? It’s only for the EGO not the soul! And the EGO loses every time. The EGO is a loser at best. It never wins. There’s a huge difference between being Inspired verses being Motivated.

Inspiration comes from the soul, and the soul never lies and always knows “True North,” whether you agree with it or not. Inspiration has leverage! It has the ability to move or create situations in ones life you can never do with motivation. What you think is a mountain of a mess, being Inspired pulls in more resources than you you can image or conjure up more than you could by just being motivated. Inspiration is something you cannot deny, you just leap, because you just know!

The next time you get so called, motivated to do something, if it’s not a “HECK YES,” then don’t do it! Wait! Wait until you feel inspired to do it! Wait until you know that you know that you know in your heart that it’s the right thing to do. Doing less, with a HECK YES behind it will change your life ten times more than any short term HECK NO motivation!

The Messenger