02 Apr 2013
April 2, 2013

Greg Ryan Living with Autism and ADHD

Glass half full or half empty! Either way, you get what you believe. My entire life I have believed something was not right upstairs, but I also have never believed in making excuses for anything. When my physical body finally shut down from the years of an over revving engine, I was forced to get checked out under the hood. For me being diagnosed with ADHD and a form of Autism has been a blessing not a curse.

Today I am FREE of all the doubt, insecurities, question of acceptance and fears that go along with such diseases. Today, while the world may see such as a handicap, I see them as tools to teach and inspire. Would I conduct my actions with as little However, would I be as grateful for the little things? Maybe not! Would I live each day to its fullest? Probably not. fear as I do? Most certainly not! While most who do not have such labels live in strife and turmoil, I who do have a stamp on my forehead am reminded each day that life is a precious, one-time opportunity and a chance to change a life through a message. It is not what is dealt to us that matters, it is what we do with it, when it is handed out. Life is not fair at times, but each has its purpose, and every one of us have our purpose in this world.

God has blessed my life from day one with a wonderful adopted family, good physical health, a career most would dream of, multiple best-selling books and a peace that only comes from heaven. But, maybe what I am most blessed with is that I DO have ADHD and Autism. Sounds crazy, I know. So no matter what comes your way, right or wrong, fair or not, it is a blessing not a curse, an opportunity not a burden, but maybe more important, it is a GIFT more than anything.