Muscle or Money?

Muscles or Money? Now it looks all pretty, healthy and happy. But, soon you will be forced to decide, muscle or money? We age and there’s no way around it. Oh, you can deny it only so long, but it’s coming. Oh, your pride will carry you just long enough to fill a list full of regrets, you can bank on that. Steven Covey writes, “Start with the end in mind!” Most have not a clue what that means. Wellness professions are conditioned to only count to fifteen and years it is not. Years you do not have either. But for some reason you think your present situation will last forever. Your body will defy all aging and the money you think you have or are earning will continue to come in. The reality check is, you are one paycheck, one client leaving, one day away from an empty nest egg. But, that’s just too hard to think about, isn’t it? Denial is more Peaceful, is it not? Money or muscle you will be forced to answer someday.

Living life with the Cell Door Open

The average wellness/fitness professional are broke. Deny all you like, but you are. You have absolutely no exist strategy into retirement or living a life you always wanted. Your treadmill of life is going, but you’re going no where. As a health and wellness coach don’t you think that you should be an example to this as well, planning for the future? Kind of hypocritical don’t you think? You talk a good talk, but behind the scenes you’re living day to day, similar to your client you are advising. Your life controls you, your career is on life support,but you go out there with this happy healthy facade to your customers and clients. All the while you are one moment, one accident, one life changing experience away from having it all gone. At least whats left of mostly nothing. You’re living a life as if you are in a prison cell, only to have the door wide open for you to leave anytime, but you cannot. You call yourself a wellness professional, but inside your proper planning side of life is as ill as one with cancer. Cancer of the mind!

The Exist Strategy

Successful business leaders start with the end in mind. They have an end game. They have a strategy to at some point in life, walk way with money working for them; residual income. Successful people, plan ahead with a strategy to allow the later years to be their best of years. Rich successful people are no different than you, same world, same resources. They just chose to be smart and plan ahead. And as a so called coach, don’t you think you owe yourself that? At the very least, stop being a hypocrite to the public and start planning ahead for you and your family!

The Mentor