You Stink!

You say you trust GOD, but you reek of desperation. You say you are at peace with the day, but you paralyze yourself with fear. What gives? Somethings got too! you come to Christ in so much eagerness to learn and grow in Him, but somewhere along the line, such cheer turns into resentment, envy, strife all in the act of desperation. Why? GOD never promised you a rose garden here. He never said, as soon as you believe you’ll possess everything you always wanted. He never sent you an app on your iphone to click a button and get your blessings from Amazon Prime in two days. Desperation reeks and GOD nor the world wants any part of it. You smell!

Desperation….Ruled By Fear

You say you forgive, unconditionally love, and trust, but your lack of fruits in your life say something else. You say you are patient, but you point fingers and slurs at GOD for not giving you exactly what you think you are entitled to have or feel. You just cannot trust GOD and be desperate full of fear at the same time. It, just doesn’t work that way. Where does desperation come from anyway? Fear! Fear of losing out on something you think you are suppose to feel or have. You make out a list of exactly what you want, not need from GOD and when the items do not come, you get mad and desperate thinking your life is going to end before you can enjoy the fruits of this world. If you live in Fear you most likely act desperate. If you are desperate acting, most likely fear fills your veins. Some where along the path, your inspired learning of Christ turned into desperation.

Inspiration….Fueled By Cheer

Remember when you first came to Christ. You were His biggest cheerleader. You measured nothing against the other. Your love and expectations were high and your cup filled daily. Remember when you just for no other reason to think of, you opened up the bible to what ever scripture and drank from GODs word? Remember when you just didn’t think so much, you just did?

Eager verses Desperation

Make Peace with the day and be eager for more! Huge difference between being eager in life and for GOD and desperate. Smells so much better too. Eagerness is fueled by Inspiration, desperation is ruled only by fear. Eagerness begs Peace, desperation rejects it! Eagerness to see and feel GOD’s blessings produces trust, desperation repels it!

Trust Absence of ALL Desperation

You cannot Trust and be feeling desperate at the same time. Say anything outwardly you want, but if you feel strife and discontent on the inside, fat chance of getting any of GODs attention. Trust has no foul oder! Trust smells of that sweet fragrance you have early in the morning dew. Trust does not require much, just a letting go. So the next time you need a shower to take the fear and desperation away, try a body and soul wash of trust and letting go.

The Messenger