So you’ve survived Hurricane Irma! So! So now what? The sad thing is, you think you have time!

Where were you sixteen years ago today? Do you even remember what happened on this day, years ago? By the actions of most, most don’t remember. Most don’t care!  Once you get your electricity back on, you’ll forget Irma pretty soon, too! Yes you will! We have short memories. Once your tide comes back in, you’re out to sea, trying to stay afloat, only to down the road be stranded again, thinking, “If only?”

Fear of Loss

Now think back for a second, that day sixteen years ago’s on 911. How did you feel watching those planes hit the trade centers? Angry? Frightened? No direction for the next day? How did you feel the last few days in such a hellacious wind storm called Irma? Frightened? Angry? Empty with no electricity? Fear of Loss, the most powerful of all emotions. The one feeling that finally moves us, temporary as it may be for you. In both cases, the fear of losing something (life, freedom) was so great, the things that we use to think were important, were not! The said thing is, you forget about that in a day or two. Remember how united the country was after 911? Now, look at it, more divided than ever. While the fear of loss is powerful, it’s also forgetful. Sad, but true!

Emotionally Stranded

So you survived a Hurricane! Now what? Just a few hours ago, you’re caught stranded, stuck on the bottom of the ocean. Today, you think you are saved, but you are no different than you were a few hours ago, really? Same ole life, just a different day with a little excitement the last few hours. There’s no difference other than a big dose of fear between yesterday and today in your life! Still emotionally stranded, stuck in the algae of stagnation. Beached Manatee or blundering purpose in life, its all the same. The sad thing, is you think you have time!


Looters, gougers, thieves, what ever you want to call them, they are opportunists! So why do you become one? Opportunist in a positive way? Why cannot this time, not wait until another hurricane to do something in life you always wanted? Why not take this fear of loss, emotionally stranded feeling and turn it into a time for change? A time to do something different in your life. A time to pursue a new career, read a book, paint a painting, call a loved one and say I love you. A time to make a difference in your life and others. The sad thing, is you think you have all the time in the world. Until the winds of change start blowing once again! And they will!

The Mentor