I AM, who I AM

“Why all the fuss?”  GOD says! I AM who I AM (Exodus 3) I am Alpha Omega the first and the last and everything in between. I AM, “Everything, to all people!” And if one believes such, then Peace abides in everything.  I AM everything. GOD says. So if I AM omni present then you have nothing to worry about, nothing.

Be Still

“Why all the fuss? Be still and know that I AM. God says. (Psalms 41) If I AM, then chill out. GOD says. I AM at your side, I AM with you always. I AM your provider, so you just need to chill out a little and be still in this crazy world. Let go, even when you feel the urge to hold on. Take a breath right in the middle of chaos, even when you feel the urge to push through an issue. Know that I AM and Be Still.

Fear Not

“Why all the fuss?” Fear Not! God says! (Isaiah 41) If AM and being still gives you peace, then why Fear anything? God is saying Fear is the most used word in the bible. However, trust in the I AM and fear do not reside in the same heart of a home.

“Why all the fuss?’ GOD says. I’ve already settled it, so why fret it? I AM everything, chill a little and Peace will reside!