To covet, to hoard, to idol, spin it any way you wish! Anything that gets in the way of you and Christ is idolatry! “Take up your cross and follow me. Jesus said in Matthew. But, most cannot even part with a dog dish let alone let it all go. Gluttony, there’s no other way to describe it. Food or stuff, matters not, they’re both the same. You covet it, hoard it, idolize it, eat it, IT’s a sin if you cannot part with it!

If you are a believer, or self proclaimed one, then you are playing a hypocrite game. You claim you are a Christian and even go out of your way at times to judge others, but you covet it, eat it hoard it, idolize it until it gets in the way of everything in your life; your health, finances, spiritual life. All at the same time, pointing fingers at others or displeased with GOD because you are not getting what you WANT! Really? I hang with rich folks, really rich people, and most are miserable. They have so much stuff, and none of it makes them happy after an hour of having it. Really? “Take up your cross and follow me!” I love you LORD and would do anything to follow you….but that!

“THOU SHALT NOT COVET (hoard, idol or gluttony!) Anything that gets in the way or not able to let go of. If you disagree, then go out immediately into your garage or storage and pick three things and go give them to Goodwill! You can quote a lot of scripture, not miss a church service, but you cannot part with anything on your plate or in your garage. And then you wonder where’s GOD in your life? Why would GOD show up when you have an entire Garage and plate full of GODS? Let it go, all of it and you will always get everything you every wanted in this life; Peace! I have less material things than I ever have had and feel more at Peace and Joyful than ever!

The Messenger