“Your will be done, LORD!” Maybe the hardest of all prayers to pray, but also maybe one of the most powerful, influential ones as well.

I know a few scriptures, but do I really believe the scriptures I read? Not always. Came across the Jabez prayer about fifteen years ago. Flippantly, read the book and shelved it, mentally! I wanted to believe the little prayer book, but thought it could not be that easy! Always the type of person who made things much more difficult that need be. So, of course, such a simple prayer, could never yield those type of results I was looking for. So I thought! It did not happen in a shocking, miracle kind of way at first. Yet, over time, things began to change. Every area of my life, personal, career, hobbies, things began to branch out into paths I never thought of. Twist and turns of a road less traveled in my life, up until then, now seemed straight as an arrow toward some purpose, some distinct pattern of sorts. I wish I could say, its been blissful every since, but it hasn’t.

Something so simple in life, can be so easily taken for granted, forgotten about and for gone in your past memory. And for me, it was forgotten in all the business of life. And life came crashing down, until I decided to listen again and let go of the control. It worked, the prayer that is, up until I decided to take it in my own hands and will it into existence on my own accord not GODS.

Your Will Be Done

People, every since the book was written, has questioned, whats behind the prayer? Why is it so influential in peoples lives? Why did GOD bless Jebaz and others so much, on a simple, no drama prayer? Here’s the answer. In translation, the simple little paryer of Jabez can be summed up into, “Thy Will Be Done, LORD” Now if you just said to people, prayer, thy will be done, you probably would get tons of resistance, we just want to control and hang onto everything, and letting go of control outright is crazy challenging. However, if you put in a story form and word it slightly different, maybe we receive the message a little easy.

Will Power

I’ve learned personally and in my career as a care giver of sorts to the elderly, that there is something very powerful about ones WILL. Something even medical professionals cannot explain. The key is, tapping into such a power. And that more than anything, is about letting go, rather than tapping in. Our WILL POWER is naturally there, its the pride, fear and denial that covers its power up. Expanding ones territory is more about letting go of the past and allowing GOD to enter into your life in ways unimaginable. Bless me indeed oh LORD, and allow the flood gates to open all the while protecting me from prideful, fearful, deniable thoughts at the same time giving me everything I ever wanted in life.

The Messenger