The sad thing is, “You think you have enough!” American way of life, cannot get enough of everything else in life, but the only thing that matters, they don’t want it or cannot get more of, TIME!

You’ve Been HAD

Somewhere along your path you have come to believe that life is granted. That tomorrow is given and today you can take and do what ever you want and things will continue to be the same. All the while 99% of those with same attitude end their life with that attitude as their biggest regret! If you think time grows on trees, you’ve been had.

Living A Lie

As consistent as the minute hand hitting twelve, you give excuse after excuse to why you cannot do something or won’t. Then point that same minute hand at others getting in your way or the jealousy that abides in you for them doing what you chose not to. You argue for your limitations like its the worlds vault. You set on the couch, minute by minute, tick tock tic tock watching the only life you will ever live go by. In other worlds, kind of living a lie, don’t you think. The question is, do you have time left to change? Do you want to live for the day? Is the question. Do you want to live in truth? It will always set you free!

The Messenger