Predestination! Oh the holy grail of debates! Free will or life already predetermined, this debate will go on until Christ returns! Personally, I don’t think about it in the least. What I do know is, the Peace that GOD gives in the knowing of Him is all is beyond understanding.

Purpose Filled

We all have a purpose in life, and there are as many purposes as there are souls. What I find sadly is most so called believers have not discovered theirs or fail to recognize it if it hit them in the face! Maybe because they are to busy debating the predestination issue! We all have a purpose in life, And when we do recognize it, relish in it and receive GODs resources to accomplish it, there’s no strife, doubt or fear. The Art is in the knowing!

Destiny Driven

I’ve known my destiny or purpose in life, almost since the day I was born. However, that does not mean I acknowledged or accepted it. And the seasons of life when I resisted it, all Hell broke loss. On the contrary, once and when I have accepted my purpose and knowing who I am and what my destiny is, Peace abided in me in an indescribable fashion. I learned that just knowing what was ahead of me from GOD was so soothing that it made all the mountains seem like ripples in the wind.

As a believer in Christ, its not about how many scriptures you can quote, how many times you sit in a pew nodding your head at the pastor, or the amount of tithing you place in the plate every week. When you truly align with GODs plan for you, you just know. And just knowing where you stand in GODs eyes, is what our destination is all about anyway. My destination, it’s all about staying in the river and flow of GOD’s Grace and presents. It’s about recognizing and appreciating on a daily basis His presents in my life.

We all have a destination and destiny if you will. We all have a purpose a calling. But, are you listening for it, too it? Or are you looking at the mountains in front of you in distrust? I know my destiny, but I had to listen and look first, not do! You want to find your purpose, destiny if you will, look, listen and feel your way to GOD!

The Messenger