“Guard your hearts and minds.” The Bible says in Proverbs. Maybe one of the most beneficial scriptures as well as challenging ones!

A few years ago, I recognized how important it was to have a clear head. For years I had filled my brain with drama, chaos, business, OCD career ambitions. Not all bad, but clutter all the same. Next thing I knew, I was burdened down with stress and no where near my life’s goals or potential. Raised on a grape farm, my father taught me that less was always better than more, so the crops could flourish from the sun. I learned the hard way, life is pretty much the same, less is more.

No News is Good News

At a time in life, I needed to clear the clutter so to speak, I did one thing that really changed my life. I stopped watching TV other than college football. Sports for me was relaxing, for others it’s not. LOL I didn’t realize how much clutter I was putting in my head just by flipping through the channels. I did not realize how that clutter from the boob tube was affecting my sleep either. At first it was challenging, the quietness in all. But over time I got use to it, and down right enjoyed it.

Set Boundaries of Friends

The other thing I did was set healthier boundaries with those around me. I realized, the people I was hanging with, was just not the type I wanted to be like. Nothing personal, just not the type. You can tell a lot about yourself, by the friends you keep. I learned to listen to my own voice and realized, dang, thats a lot of garbage coming from my pie hole. So I eliminated many of my peers. They took it personal, but that was not my issue, but theirs.

Healthy Eating

I also cut some of the clutter out of my diet. I realized, sugar was a huge brain freeze so to speak. Ate more veggie, and less processed foods, more brain food so to speak. Wow, did I notice a difference.

Guard your hearts and mind, the bible says. If you want more clarity in your life, try filtering out a few things from going into the brain. Over time, you will start to crave the silence and peace in all will bring.

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