You’ve seen this movie before. Same life, different Sunday! You’ve been down this same road before. Same story different day! Treadmill, rat wheel call it what you may, but anyway you brew it, you’ve been burned. You’re going through life, tasting the froth not the brew. You’re surviving at best. When is enough, enough. Tomorrow, Monday’s you dread, hump days you breath and TGIF’s you live for. Really? Sorry, but your coffee cup has a hole in it. You’re leaking life, time and energy, only to refill it and lose it again. What a life you have. I guess you could blame it all on the pet, but I bet that’s even getting old. We could learn much from the beasts of our world. No worries, no boundaries, no fears, They drink the brew daily. They live daily, and only for the day.

Tell a New Story

Don’t you think it’s time to put the VCR away and experience a new movie. Isn’t it time to stop being the Walking Dead? A new cup of joe would do you good. You see, somethings always brewing in your life, it’s your choice to decide which burner to place your cup on, life’s or yours. Tomorrow, holiday or not, you chose. You chose same story different day or a new one. Something’s brewing, you going to get burned or enjoy the brew?

The Messenger