Parking for Herb

Every Saturday for the last four years. Yep! That’s a lot of fish! Every Saturday at 11:30am sharp, the minute the doors can open, Herb now 86 and I enter his favorite place. For the last twenty five years he and his now deceased wife would go every week, and sit at the same table eating the same fish laughing with the same chef most of the time.  “Parking for Herb it reads! A yellow slippery floor stand with a hand written sign sitting in the road reads, “Parking for Herb” stands outside letting us know every week that we are welcome to dine.

“Only in America!” I think. but its much more than that. Each week, I not only get the best in the city Sushi meal for free, but I also get paid for what….caring? Each week, I get to help an elderly person believe that life is not over, quite yet. Each week I get to listen to stories, many times the same ole ones, over flowing with love and wisdom. I should pay Herb, but don’t let him hear that. LOL Why on earth would someone spend their money as well as buy them a not cheap lunch every week? For what?

The Price for Confidence

Confidence! That simple! I have always maintained that if one goes into nursing home or have to use a walker, their done. Their psychi is shot and they start to give up thinking the end is near. So I ask you, “What is your price for confidence? I know what Herb’s is. Oh, here’s what you did not know. Herb lost his wife to cancer five years ago. Herb’s house flooded with sewage due to a water main brake shortly after. Herb’s house burned almost to the ground not ling after that as well. Herb’s dog of ten years was run over in front of his house after that. Yet, yet through it all, he’s always ready to go eat Sushi at 11am. sharp. Why? Confidence in life knowing, its not over until its over. That’s why! Why do I go every Saturday and pick Herb up and eat? It’s not about the money, it’s not even about a full belly of fish. It’s about the confidence he gives me. And that, my friend is priceless! Saturdays with Herb, the best of times!

The Messenger