Call yourself a Believer? Yet, your GOD lives in a box! Now that’s just crazy! You say! “I don’t put got in a box!” Hard to admit, is it not? Are you living the life you always wanted? Are those around you, being blessed as well? Are you at Peace with your day to day life? Are you healthy? Do you have all you needs met as far as finances? I could go on and on. GOD is infinite! GOD is not square minded, He’s everywhere, all the time, every time.

How Do We Put GOD in a Box?

The ways we stifle GOD is as endless as He’s power is. Mostly we complain about what we DON’T have verses what we do. We focus on the lack in our life, rather than appreciate what we do have. To GOD, there is no different between creating a button or a castle. A penny or a million! A peaceful life or one in turmoil! We put GOD in box by what we focus on in life, period!

Our Circular Souls

I always thought of my soul as being round, not square. My own doing, or my surroundings tended to put my soul on a box through fear, mistrust and a restless heart. Money, relationships, career, creativity…you name it, it went in the box. All the while GODs pulling His hair out, while I tie His hands. Then I would blame Him for my misfortunes, lack of dreams, missed career opportunities etc… And for what ever reason, my soul always felt in some type of unease.

Why Do We Put GOD in a Box

Fear! Let’s call it what it is! Afraid in the end GOD will fail us, fear of being embarrassed by our worldly friends, co workers or family! Fear of failing life! The word fear is mentioned more times in the bible than any other word! Why? GOD knows how Satan uses fear to guide us into doing NOTHING! We live in a box!

How Do We Not Live in a Box

Trust! By letting go of the end results. By having expectations in GOD always being there, but not putting pressure on ourselves in doing so! Live life simple outside of logic or reason but on creativity and Joy. To please Him above all others. We live outside a box by wanting to be happy more so than wanting to be correct!

The Messenger