I never believed this until I went through a tough life lesson! Debt free is not all about money. Matter of fact, it’s more about something else, rather than cash; it’s about your emotions, past present and future tense! While a teacher, I am not perfect. And in many cases I use my own life examples as lessons for others. Some good, some not so good! I was always taught old school, but didn’t always followed my mentorship and paid a hefty price for it. But, learned important lessons in the process to share.

I have made a lot of money in my career, lost a lot too. At one point mid way through my career I found myself drowning in self sabotage, and only two wooden nickels in my pocket so to speak. Today, it’s much different. Through it all there are three things that got me out of despair and into abundance; spiritual, attitudinal and behavioral.

Attitude of Appreciation

First and maybe foremost I had to change my attitude from focusing on what I did not have, what I did have. It’s easy to focus on lack by whining, but not profitable. I had to somehow focus on the little things and truly be “Appreciative” for what I had, material, health and spiritual. Each morning, I would write a list of things I am appreciative for, thus making my mind focus on them and not the lack. Cannot do both, the brain says. Try it! It works!

Attitude of Money

The art of giving when one does not feel like it, I have found is vitally important. Church, institution, charity what ever you believe in to support is hugely influential to your out of debt life. It’s not the money amount, but the intentions behind your giving. Giving makes you believe there is more to come, and more comes. The “Art of Flow” some call it. No matter how little I had I started giving to a larger cause which created a flow of money and an attitude of more is coming with no lack. Challenging? Yes! Beneficial more than one can imagine. The more I give the more money I made.

Attitude about Life and Others

Unconditional love, most know, but, what about unconditional “Living?” I was not happy to say the least about my situation. I was living in my car after being a millionaire for gosh sakes. Mad at myself, others, past present and the dog. I was conditional living and it wasn’t working for me in the least. Some how I had to make peace with the day, people, myself, the past, present and what ever the future would bring me. This was the most challenging. My pride was making me broke in every way. The benefits of living unconditionally are huge. Does not mean you do not care, it just means you are more easy going with no rigid self imposed rules on others, yourself and the world as a whole!

In a very short period of time, my life changed in ways I can not put into words. Today, I have no debt financially or past emotional burdens. I work a fraction of the time most do, and make ten times the money I every had. This is not braggadocious, but gratitude and thankfulness filled. Daily, GOD shows in ways I can not imagine.

Attitude Daily

Quiet time in the mornings, health boundaries of what goes in my mind and those around me and realization that my money earned is really not my money at all; I am just a steward of it all, material and emotionally speaking. You can go out of the house in a glass half full or half empty mindset. We all have that choice, thus the opportunity to live debt free or not!

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