From Living in a Car to Debt Free Abundance!

We all have a view on tithing, giving or charity, however you want to say it. Many have different interpretations of Malachi 3:10 too. Here’s my story!

My parents married almost seventy years now, have never owed a penny to no one. High School education at best, mom would send me up to the offering plate with $20 every Sunday, no matter their financial situation. Being taught good stewardship, did not secure me in following their lead. I have made a lot of money in my life, but saved little. A few years ago, I found myself in a pickle. Bad decisions, low self confidence and a ticked off mood of my past mistakes landed me kind of homeless and purposeless. Then I remembered my mom and dad stewardship principle on giving, not money all the time, but just giving with good intentions. So what money I had left, I gave ten percent to charity and church and ten percent to me in savings followed by APPRECIATION! What followed in a short period of time was unimaginable at the time and above my self worth grid. But, GOD had a much different plan.

Appreciation and Abundance

I found a very interesting correlation between being appreciative and money. I found that the more appreciative I became to the little things in my life, the more money came from un identifiable paths. And in a very short period of time, the burden of debt was no more and the blessings of financial abundance was all around me. Then I thought of my mother. It mattered not how much the amount was in the envelop each week she gave, she was just appreciative for the opportunity to give. Her intentions were pure. She did not give to get.

Barns filled with Good Intentions

If your intentions are not well meaning, if you have any resentment what so ever about giving, don’t! If you give to get, then again, don’t give. Fill your barns with good intentions first and you watch what GOD does, even with a little. It’s not the amount that matters, its the intentions and amount of appreciation behind the action. It makes no logical sense how my family has been blessed over the years, but what makes common sense is the act of giving. “Give(with good intentions) and it will be given to you. Living in that car in the mountains of Colorado was the best thing that ever happened to me and the greatest of all lessons. Today, life is much different. A life that most could only dream of. Blessings over flowing daily in ways even my creative brain cannot conceive at times. And while I never, ever give to get, i can personally say, “You can never out give the LORD!”

Align your intentions up, be appreciative for every single thing in life, make Peace with the day so to speak and eager for more, by looking around you at the little things. Good stewardship is not about money but attitude. You be discipline in your attitude of appreciation and watch the barn darns open!

The Messenger