Joy unspeakable and full of Glory! (1 Peter 1;18) But, by the actions and attitudes of many Christians you sure wouldn’t think so! Between your knew birth in Christ and today, your Joy cup has been replaced with thoughts of judgement, resentment, hypocrisy and conditional love. For some reason, things, you have changed. Jesus entered your heart and so did the vacuum. You’ve turned 180 degrees aways from GOD’s promises, mainly because life’s not been on your timing or up to your misguided expectations of GOD. Your Peace, short lived as it was, has turned into a drama anxiety filled life. Why? Where along the path did your thinking go South?

It all went South, when you stopped making Peace with your day and being eager for more of GOD’s knowledge and Goodness! It all went hay wire when you started thinking of yourself, rather than of the vessel that you are for GOD. Now today, comparisons fill your mind, lack fills your heart, leaving an empty soul of what you think are broken promises. The Truth is, GOD has never broken a promise in the bible. Never has, never will. GOD’s always got perfect timing, not on your time clock. You’ve lost your JOY by focusing inward instead of out. You’ve lost the straight path to Peace by focusing on lack instead of appreciating what you DO have. You’ve lost the child inside, by trying to be too grown up, all knowing, all pleasing; losing the simplicity in life.

Jesus teaches us to go out and teach the great commission not as much in words, but actions. But, why would one want to come to Christ, by witnessing the joyless life many Christians portray? Would you? Would you be attracted to a life, lived like you do with strife, discontentment, resentment and conditional love? Joy, somewhere along the way, you’re cup sprung a hole in it. Don’t you think it’s time to find a new cup, and fill it? The biggest mistake you may make is, “You think you have time!”

The Messenger