Joy and sorrow reside not in the same house! JOY comes from the soul, sorrow from the heart and wounded mind. The Soul always knows True North, and always knows the Truth when heard. The Soul lives in total JOY that gives Peace! There is no hurt when the soul leads, only the heart and mind. “The Truth sets you free!” That’s pretty accurate. The only thing is, you are already free living in JOY. So when you hear the truth of the matter in any area of your life, it hurts not! Why? Joy and hurt cannot reside in the same home. So the Truth never hurts!

So why is it easier for most to live in denial rather than the truth of the matter? Again, Joy and Truth cannot live in the same house! Denial is just the pain medication for lack of acceptance of the truth. Cover the pain and live for another day; in misery more or less. People say that like others to be honest! Really? When you hear honesty your hair raises on the back of your neck like a cat backed up in the corner. You say you are not in denial, but you are less content in life than you ever have been.

So how do you live in JOY? Be content with the Truth of your life, appreciate it and be eager for more. All the fretting is in the thinking. Once you deal with your reality or truth, the pain goes away replaced by the JOY of clarity. What once was a house divided, now is filled with warmth of Peace and JOY!

The Messenger