One who believes is more influential than millions who do not! The question is, “Are you in the stream or standing along its banks?” Most are standing, afraid to jump in! Afraid to where the stream may take them. Afraid of losing control of their lives. I will follow you Jesus, on my conditions, not yours. Your will be done, my LORD, only if your stream leads me to what I want not what you desire. This is what we say and this is what we believe deep in the back channels of our souls.

The Stream

Whats the stream? The stream is your ability to allow GOD into your life. We question at times, is GOD really there? Yes He is, but are we really there? Are we really open to Him flowing through us, at times, at any times? The stream of GOD and His blessings are flowing constantly, the question is, “Are you in it, or standing at its banks in fear, doubt, angry, envy, conditional love.

The Destination

The interesting thing is, the destination is all the same, so why fight the current? Why fight GODs plan for our lives? You can either resist by trying to paddle up stream all the time or float in the natural flow of His current. Either way, you’re going to the same place eventually! The other interesting thing is, you never find your path, your path always finds you; if you are listening. Business is just as much of a sinful distraction as anything, and if you are distracted, out of the flow of GOD, then your relationship with Him suffers.

The Feeling

The flow, the alignment, there’s no more peaceful feeling. It’s like you are floating on a raft down the stream, no cares, no worries, you just know eventually you will get to your destination, you might as well enjoy the ride.

The Process

For me, I have one daily goal, thats it. To get in my stream. To get somehow someway into a Peaceful mindset. And when I do, everything, I mean everything takes care of itself. How? 1.Quiet time, always. The first thing I do is get up without a rush. Eliminate all distractions, technology, people, pets. 2.Good breakfast for energy to make quality decisions during the day. 3. Along the day I set healthy boundaries with people, I don’t do drama, period. 4. Appreciation, I appreciate everything little thing, good and bad. 5. Ask GOD for solutions once and then listen for the answers. He always provides them, always.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

The Messenger