Same ole life, same ole Sunday!

Sunday, and you’re already thinking or dreading Monday! Great way to spend your Sunday’s, do you think? For some reason you have convinced yourself that if I pound against the wall enough, it will break and life will change for the better? Really? How’s that working for you lately? There will be absolutely nothing in your life that will change until you decide to make a change. Don’t live in a delusional world filled with fear! Next Sunday you will be dreading the same ole Monday, blaming everyone and the dog! At this point, you’ve got to be running out of excuses, don’t you agree?

Is this as good as it gets?

Is life the way it is for you today, as good as it’s going to get for you? Most think so! Most think the world is going to end tomorrow, a politician, global warming or stock market crash is in the near future. It is if you think it is! I went from making millions to living in my car! How? I started to believe the world was going to end and life at the time was as good as it was going to get. Changed my tune in my head one day and instantly, everything changed back to where it was before and ten times better.

The Best is yet to come!

You want the same ole life, boring, no purpose, path or progression forward, then keep listening to yourself, friends and world around you. And you will get exactly what you are thinking. Blame the government, family, news, dog but the only one to blame is the one in the mirror. And that in itself is counterproductive.

Something is always brewing!

Every second, moment of your life, there’s something brewing so to speak; good or bad in your eyes. Momentum one way or another will carry you more so to that end. You want a change in your life, brew another cup, a much different kind of brew. You get what you focus on, like it or not. So I ask you again, “Is this(your life) as good as its going to get?”

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