Tasteful, but Tasteless

Tasteful or Tasteless? Either way, your taste may be killing you. Most eat for taste, and most are the walking dead, dying a very unhealthy death prematurely! Most don’t eat for health, they eat for pleasure. Most eat out of laziness, most die of pride because of such. Most go by the taste of the food, rather than if its good for you. Instant gratification is killing you. And so are your friends. It may seem harmless and tasteful to you, life that is. But, deep down, there’s no taste at all and down right bitter.

Like Attracts Like

What? My friends are liking me? Yep! You become like those you associate with on a regular basis. Hey, good, tasteful people they may be, just not for you at this juncture in your life. Then there are those of you who just like hanging with bad people. In someway by comparison you feel better on the outside, but fight depression on the inside. Life is a mirror, like it our not. If your social circle constantly seems like a circus filled with acts of drama and chaos, you may want to look in the mirror. Like attracts like, like that or not. Your taste in people as much as food is killing your spirit.

People Pleasers are Miserable

Psychologist will tell you, people pleasers are the most miserable of people. So if I get rid of the bad apples in my life, they wont like me anymore? Yep! And you need to be ok with that. Must be ok with going at life alone for awhile. Please people or please yourself and your creator. It’s one or the other. Trust in yourself and your creator or others. It’s not both! Heck you may be eating the most healthiest of diets you can, but still fill your life up with the most toxic of people. Time for a change, don’t you think? Your life depends on it!

The art of good taste is setting healthy boundaries. It’s being willing to be at Peace with being alone for awhile. The Art is, the ability to allow them to come to you verses going and chasing them. The Art of having a more tasteful life is your mirror not in the amount of friends you have.

The Mentor