It is not the regret of what I did, but the emptiness of thinking what might have been of the things I did not do! Time! The sad thing it, you think its forever lasting!

In your teens, life seems forever. Thirties, a blur! Fifties, need to put the brakes on a little we think. Seventies, gosh where did it go? The sad thing is, most of our lives we thing its forever lasting! But, it’s not! It’s a one shot ordeal and the best must be made if possible. For some reason, somewhere down the road of life, we began to think nothing of it. I”ll get to it tomorrow, or the next or the next. Oh, its not all that important, I’ll just let it slide. Our bucket list gets longer, yet our urgency for some reason gets weaker.

I you ask one hundred elderly people what their biggest regret is, ninety five or more would say this, “My biggest regret is not the things I did, but the things I did not!” We all do it, we take life for granted and sometimes not aware we are doing it, its so easy! Here today, gone tomorrow, we say flippantly! But so true! When’s the last time you took an item off a bucket list? When’s the last time you did something even out of the ordinary in your life? When was the last time you even gave yourself and family the time of day? The sad thing is, you think you have time!

My life was threatened a few years back. A five minute ordeal I do not wish to relive ever again. However, in a productive kind of way, I wish every person would experience that five minutes I did. A wake up call like no other. A reseting button of my life that will never be turned off again. A face to face look at death, a moment when time stood still, but forever changed. No more would I take one second of my life for granted. So today, and every day till you see Heavens gates I hope you turn your sadness of life and taking it for granted, into each and every day of gladness, knowing, you have one shot at life and helping others live theirs to the fullest!

The Mentor