In a world where we are now only separated by four people, with the help of social media, we are probably disconnected more than ever. Heck, the millennial generation most likely has never heard of or seen a phone, let alone used one.

The Price for Convenience (Laziness)

Over the last ten years I did a little research on the rich and their communication skills. And I found a very interesting simple skill that all of them possessed, and followed through on every single day. So simple, yet most chose not to do it. And thus the reason, there’s only 3% of the population living a life they always dreamed of. The difference between the rich and poor, may come down to the difference in a voice and a text. Seriously! When is the last time you picked up the phone and called someone? Or are you just lazy, and paying a hefty price for it?

The Price for Connecting

It’s really a simple formula, take the time and call someone and put voice to voice and make ten times the money, build deeper relationships and have a more enriched life. After noticing this simple habit of the rich, I decided to do it, even though my first thought was, I don’t have time to do so. Well, now I realize I don’t have time NOT too. You will be shocked and happy to see the results of your due diligence. The difference between a lifestyle you want and being broke is likened to a call to a text!

The Mentor