Disturbing? It should be! That’s the psychi of the America! Land of the free and home of the brave! Really? No freedom in that and definitely no bravery to look in the mirror.

Please enlighten me the Health Coach. Why should I even give a darn about your health, when you could care less about it? Why should I even write these daily blogs in hopes you see your own reality? Why should I even spend the time when your time is spent drowning in Gluttony? Please, tell me, why I should even care? But, I do care. Well, at least for those who are willing to try. The rest, if you want to be in misery thats on you. Done caring for your type!

The biggest disease is not CAD or Coronary Artery Disease, but disease of the mind. Denial, Pride and laziness kills more people than CAD a year. Denial, well it won’t happen to me. Pride, well I’m too embarrassed at this point, why bother? Laziness, I’m not that bad, tomorrow is a better day! The bigger problem. Self-worth or lack there of. Self respect is long gone. It’s almost trendy to be over weight and a couch potato these days. And gosh, if you confront it, like I am here, you will get hit with the politically correct crowd. In which I am sure I will be. Too bad! Sue me for telling the truth.

The Mentor