Truth is not always pretty. Neither is the state of America’s health. it’s sick care now, run by customer driven big pharma; doctors as their trolls. You can point your finger in any direction, but the most accurate one would be back at you. You hold the cards to your health, like it our not. I have maintained for three decades that the three most dangerous lethal diseases in the world are PRIDE, DENIAL AND PURE LAZINESS! Ouch!!!! But, extremely accurate.

Respect and Self Worth

No ones making you eat anything, you are doing that all on your own. America has lost respect for itself, the person and their fellow man. They have lost respect at the core of their soul of the individual. Frankly, you just don’t give a crap, do you? You could care less about your health and well being? You hide behind the Big Mac Mask of denial, thinking, “Aint going to happen to me!” Danger, danger Will Robertson!!!” Think again, and think long and hard. You cannot even respect yourself let alone others. Gluttony fills your minds and cupboards. You max everything to the hilt. Storage units and garages are overflowing,and cannot even see your shoes. Gross!

Disturbing? It should be! you won’t get the point if its not! I hope your bad health keeps you up and night. Then maybe, just maybe one day soon you have enough and make a positive change. But, until then, the curse of the crazy clown will haunt you, shortening your life to sad ends.

The Mentor