Actions speak louder than words. America fuels it’s own demise. In and out, and over and over, day after day, we do the same ole thing thinking to get different results! We thrive on chaos and pay for it on the front and back ends dearly. Who cares, right? Everyone’s doing it! Why be different? Drink the kool aid, eat anything someone is selling. Who cares right? Debt to the eye balls and kissing someone’s butt day in and day out at a job you hate. Who cares, right? Everyone is doing it!

Nothing Changes Unless Something Changes

Kids love marry-go-rounds! Adults do too obviously! They live on one daily! And wonder after awhile, why the marry go round has not stopped or changed directions. Really? Your habits are a direct reflection of you! You want to know what your priorities are, just look at your spending habits. Tells all! Ugly truth? Yep! Play the blame game all you like, but the end results comes up the same. So, when’s enough enough? When will you finally get off the marry go round and manage better? Or will you continue spinning in denial and pure laziness?

The Mentor