The world makes it sound like, living on an island, emotionally that is, is lonely, or depressing. Quite the contrary I believe. In the world of business, chaos, technology, while we love to connect, we urn for some fantasy island thing. We fill our lives up with the craziness of life, yet long of the simplicity of it all. You don’t have to go to some far off land for that.

The Minimalist

Say what you want, but less is always more. You strive daily to make something of yourself, but in the end stuff most if not all of it in a garage, storage bin or trash can. Why? I deal with the mega wealthy on a daily basis. Money is good, but it’s not your island. While many isolate themselves with the possession of lots of it, only in the end, continue to search for that island, peace in other words.

The last three days, I spent my life in a tent, with a cooler and a kayak. Three days that money could not buy. Sitting on a mound of land surrounded by a crystal blue soothing landscape was all I needed, ever will need. Simplicity in its most natural form. The thing I most realized was it isn’t a location that makes the island, but the mindset where ever you are. You can be at Peace no matter the place in the world you happen to be. I learned that Peace, is really only a decision away.

The Mentor