Caregivers, good caregivers hard to find these days. So much so, here in Colorado it’s becoming dangerous. But, the most disturbing thing is what’s happening in the care centers because of it! A new babysitter industry has emerged. A new money making profit center for big pharma has been born. Caregivers in shortage crisis, who cares, the doctors and drug industry rejoices. Let’s just call it like it is!

The Walking Dead

Sad, true and frightening. Go to any memory care or nursing home and they are all around you, the “”Walking Dead!” I’m not so sure it has to come to this, myself. Parents use technology these days to babysit their children, I think the idea is happening in centers all over the world when it comes to taking care of the elderly. So why are there so many walking dead individuals. Test cases, lets just call it like it is. The more drugs you feed them, the more research, the more money big pharma makes.

The Drug Vacuum

Let’s just call it like it is. The less caregivers there care, the bigger need or gap between the medical industry and quality care. So what’s the answer in the health care practitioners eyes? More meds! Yes more meds. If our facility has not enough care givers, lets just feed more sedative drugs to them. Like a babysitter! The patient is more manageable as a vegetable than not. So less caregivers, more drugs administered. Sounds, inconceivable does it not? But, lets call it like it is.

Customers Not Cures

Oh, the doctors and big pharma will deny this until the end of days. They don’t want you to know their dirty little customer base industry. Opportunists they are. The bigger the shortage of quality caregivers the larger the profits. Let’s call it like it is! My heart goes out everyday to those who have chosen to be a caregiver or who did not chose but was forced into such an ugly at times situation. My arms go around you to say, thank you for all you do. Take care of yourself first and foremost so you can take care of others. This is the ugly truth, spin it, see it, address it any way you chose, but let’s just call it like it is, “The Ugly Profits of the Walking Dead!”

The Mentor