What Will Be Left When You Return?

Today the entire state of Florida is moving North! Hurricane Irene is about to unleash her fury of wind and rain upon the Sunshine State. And for most, they leave behind everything and look forward to maybe the most uncertain time in their lives. Family, fortress and financial times now become burdensome, when just yesterday many just felt blessed for the things bestowed upon them.  Family safe and sound in the high country and their fortresses of a home, battened down in hopes that upon return, there’s a smiggen of a resemblance of what they have worked for years in building. But, outside the norms of bracing for a natural disaster, what about work? What about the career, the place of business, the livelihood, the financial means worked so hard for, for all these years? Will it still be there? Will the business you invested capital in, long hours in sweat equity, the customers still be there, in your return? Sure, insurances will rebuild the homes over time, but what assurance do you have in your financial future, if any?

Never Worry About a Hurricane Again

In 1992 a good friend of mine had just invested a half a million to opened a nutrition story in South Florida, when Hurricane Frances blows in, all but wiping him out. With no questions asked, John rebuilt his business only to be hit once again with Hurricane Wilma, I believe. Sitting in the dark of his office, freezers stinking and a stack of bills that had to be paid no matter the weather, he searched in his heart, “Do I really want to be a slave to the unknown? Invest once again in this business?

Upon the first hurricane, Frances, John was introduced to an online business in nutrition testing, connected to a fortune 500 company named PHARMANEX. And between hurricanes and running his nutritional store, John part time indulged in what is now known as the Biophotonic Scanner placement program around the world. As John sat in the dark he noticed the top envelope was from Pharmanex. Reluctantly, John opened up the letter, and needless to say, never opened up his store again. The letter contained a check in the amount that would have paid for much of the rebuilding. But, what was life changing for John was, the online business through the business principle of leveraging generated money, if John worked or he didn’t. If a hurricane came through or not!

That day, John decided, a hurricane would never affect his financial livelihood ever again. That day, John was never a slave to natural causes, a boss, lease payment or time ever again. From day, through today, when thousands are terrified of their future, John is not in the least bit worried. Why? Because he knows, that no matter how strong the hurricane is, his financial future is not dependent on a traditional business nor his efforts in the for seeable future. Now, can you imagine the difference in how John feels and millions of Floridians today? Can you image that not if, but when the next hurricane comes, you don’t have any financial worries? Seriously! Have you thought about taking the worry out of your life? John did! I did!