I’m a farm boy! You’re not going to get much empathy or compassion from me. I come from the old school of working eighteen hour days, and no promise of an harvest time inheritance check at the end of life’s season. Heck, before I could even walk, I was placed on the packing table and taught to pack produce for the open market next selling day! You want something, you go get it by earning it. Maybe the only thing I was entitled to was a good night sleep at the end of the day, what ever time that was. You did your job with pride and satisfaction with the realization, the world owed you nothing! If you wanted the green, you created some form of exchange of value through a produce, product or service. And then you were not promise success. You then learned great customer service on the job with a eye to eye hand shake show of trust!

Somewhere along the birth canal you came to believe that instead of being spanked while popping out into the world you should be handed an ipad or iphone. Somewhere down the shoot you’re squeezed into thinking, the world owed you something. Here in Denver Colorado, where the unemployment rate is at a fifty year low, you still have an over abundance of beggars on the corners making $20 an hour or more!  Heck, not a bad thought for cash, right? So what’s the difference in them and many now a days? Nothing, just location. A beggar is a bagger, no matter the clothes, status, gender or ways and means.

Lack of self esteem, pride, principle and purpose; maybe the greatest of all health crisis today! I just pray, most never end up on the streets, in prison or dead of self inflicted wounds of all natures. You want purpose, go grow a pair, of self pride and self esteem. You want a life of empowerment verses entitlement, go help another. Grab a vision, a mission in life other than daddy’s credit card or free government entitlement program. I hate to break your ego bubble, but this world, your parents, family or government owes you nothing. It’s a darn privilege to live in this world and in the USA. People have died for you to have such an opportunity, yes, opportunity, not a promise! The promise land is in your soul, not your hand!

The Mentor