“Frankly my dear, I could give a damn!” Famous movie words maybe have become the most used unspoken words in the world of ones health!

The Greatest Illness of All!

Tic toc, tic toc your life is on the clock! The fuse is lit and you could care less. Denial more than any disease in the world kills more people a year than anything. Lack of self worth, may be the root of it all too. People ask me all the time, what’s the cause of all this health and disease problem and by the look on their face when I answer comes as some form of shock. “Poor self worth is my answer. I been around way to long to mix words. And maybe my Simon Cowell approach is too much truth for most to handle. But, maybe, just maybe truth is the only thing that will save you. And the truth is, our health problems stem all the way back to poor self worth. How so! Most, just don’t give a crap!

It won’t happen to me! Really?

Stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer you name the disease and the average ages of having such are getting lower and lower. For some reason you have come to believe that if you ignore such, then it will not happen to you. Really? Scary way of living don’t you think? But hey, living in fear has become your norm, has it not? Living in denial is just another way to self medicate yourself. Harsh? Maybe so, but political correctness is not saving lives is it? Don’t you think it’s about time you give maybe a small importance to your health? Or do you enjoy living day to day, smoking a ticking time bomb? Don’t you think it’s about time to give a rats behind about yourself? Or do you enjoy being the victim and entitled? Don’t you think its time to think a little more highly of yourself than you have been? Or do you enjoy putting the blame on the neighbors dog for scaring you so much not to get off the couch? So if you don’t care enough, then why should me the health coach or your doctor give a damn about your health, when by your own admission, you could care less?

The Mentor