Music and Money

“What kind of music do you listen to?” She asked. “Crickets!” I smiled. “No really, I see you with your head phones in, what are you listening too, is that a band I never heard of?” She laughs. “No really! I’m listening to Crickets!” I smiled as I handed her my ear piece to prove my craziness. “I make money every time I listen to crickets!” I said. They counsel me, give me a peace of mind, clarity in making decisions. As she walked away I could tell she thought I was a little cuckoo. And maybe I am, but I’m a very peaceful, prosperous cuckoo bird. Like her and most of you who read this, probably will not make the connection or in the end have any sort of nest egg of money to live on because of it. Most of you, heck will never take the time to listen to the Crickets and learn from them. Crazy is what crazy does and every single person who changed the world, did so in the most craziest of ways.

Quietness and the Abundant Life

Let me help you out here and understand this Cricket thing a little more.  The Crickets bring clarity, calmness and contentment to my brain. A quietness of sort. And when my mind, body and soul feels all three of those, GOD and the world shows me the path of least resistance toward a more abundant life in every aspect. You see, it’s not what the crickets do, but what they bring in the form of a reminder to me at the very moment they start chirping in my head. Why are people so interested and willing to sleep in a tent in the wilderness so often? Clarity, calmness and contentment. Our souls long for such, but most don’t get much, in life. When’s the last time you just stopped and listened to what’s all around you every single day? When was the last time you felt clarity, calmness and contentment?

Get More With Less Effort

What’s so interesting to me is the less I do physically and more mentally relaxing the more money I make. It’s called, “Mental Leveraging!” It’s called allowing the mind and spirit to connect in ways you cannot imagine. “Be still and know,” the scripture says. But, do you listen the crickets? To busy, to broke to do so! Right? Go, go, go, run, run, run like a rat on a wheel. Ending up in the same place, same mindset. Now that’s the true definition of crazy! The crickets bring me more in life than any physical effort I could ever muster up! It’s the path of least resistance and the path of more prosperity in every way; spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially! Whens the last time you stopped an listened to the crickets? They may be giving you all the solutions to every problem your life has at this moment!

The Mentor