No one wants to see the ugly dark side of what America has become! Do we? No one wants to face the ugly dark side either. Do you? So what do Americans do, they try in some illogical way paint a bright side to it? It’s glamorous today to see how many hotdogs you can eat without puking. Heck one get paid a hefty amount acting as if you are pig in slop. We reward the ugly. We look up to the dark side of food hoarding like it’s a skill set to attain and grow up to become. Gluttony comes in all shapes and sizes; with one common goal. Darkness! Gluttony, is just a form of substituting a temporary control mechanism with an out of control life. Gluttony, a sense of control when in truth is the thing out of control! And over time, you come to be ok with it and even reward your disfunction with more Gluttony!

Recently we have seen a very famous golfer in the news. Pain killers have taken a life, most in the world would dream of and made it into one of the most sad laughing stock stories of our generations. Gluttony….simple as that. More is better. More golf, more sex, more PR, more pain killers; gluttony is killing Mr. Tiger Woods. There is no bright side of Gluttony only death. Death of the soul! Death of Peace! Death of what really matters in life; simplicity!

Simplicity….the bright side of life!

The Mentor