Out of pitch, out of tone, out of touch! Most have lost the mojo, the momentum of their lives. Most are just reacting verses living a proactive life. Most need a new chorus line, a new song so to speak to get the vibes going again. How do you get there, how do you set a new tone for your life?

A New Station

Pick a new station. Pick a new attitude for the day! You want a new tone for your life, pick a new song. Decide that its time for a new song in your life. Every new thing in life, starts with a quality decision.

Morning Glory

Most song writers write good songs in the morning hours. Clear minded, rested and more open to new ideas for the day. When is the best time to set the best tone for the day? Morning! You want to set a good tone for the day, give yourself time in the morning to get some clarity. Get clarity and the tone will follow! Glory days!

The Beat Goes On

Cry in your beer songs are not the trend anymore. Being a victim is not sexy or a romantic ballad either. You want to change the tone of your life, pick a new beat. Set a goal, discover a purpose for getting up in the morning. Make new friends, do what ever it takes to create a new theme in your life. You want to set a new tone, write a new song. Tell a new story!

The Mentor