Acceptance! Let’s call it like it is! We all in some way or another want to be accepted, to fit in so to speak. But at what cost? Most spend their lives, months and days trying to convince people of something. Why do we need to feel we have to persuade others of anything? Your way, may not be their way! And that’s ok. We all have a path for us, made for us. We don’t have to impose it on others in order to feel good.

There are many things I dislike about Facebook, but one I like is, it’s mine. You don’t like anything I do or say, hit the unfollow or unfriend button. No problem on my end. I don’t feel the need to convince anyone of anything. Make your presentation known and leave it at that. Those who need to hear what you have to say, will. The rest, its not worth the reply. I have found the more you say what you wish and walk away, the more Peace in the soul one has. You owe no one an explanation. Your opinion is yours and no one else’s. The Art of having a good presentation? Walk away in Peace!

The Mentor