It’s not about skill, who you know or education. Success in life before all those is about one thing. Are you asking the right questions? Problem based life or Solution, which one is yours? Are you always focused on the problem or are you listening for solutions, yes listening? The answers to your life, circumstances are far closer than you ever imagine, but again, are you listening? Are you asking the right questions?

During my meditation time, I will on occasion write on the left side of a piece of paper an issue and on the right I will write, “What’s the solution?” And at the time I have no clue what or where the solution will come from. But, what I have come to realize is, it will always comes, if I believe it is out there close and not get too focused on the HOW! Asking that question has brought me more answers than anything I have ever asked. When I don’t focus on the how or when, it comes easily and frequently!

We all have the same resources, believe it our not. We all have the same ability to ask that same question when issues or problems arise in life. At the end of the day or the beginning for that matter, it’s not what happens to us, but what questions we present from us that gets results!

The Mentor