TGIF! Really? When are you going to have enough? Enough of the same ole, same ole thinking. Over and over, week in and week out you do the same thing, expecting different results! Really? Hows that working for you? You and Tom are the same. Going to work day in and day out, with the delusional thinking that you will have enough money to retire on if you work for another for forty years. Really? Go look at your check book and come back on the rat wheel.

Make all the excuses you can dream up and still at the end of your life have the biggest regret most have, “It was not the things I did that I most regret, but the things I didn’t do!” When are you going to have enough of the TGIF thing? You have one shot at life and this is how you want to live? Really? Nothing changes, unless something changes! Or do you think some magic is going to fall from the sky? You have one shot at having enough money at retirement time, and its not working for another, thats for sure. You have one shot at building a nest egg. But hey, I will push that problem down the road a bit in denial! All the while you envy those who see the reality on the wall. And social security? Bahahahahaah! Fat chance of that in twenty years. If you were smart? I said if, then you would crawl out of your denial hole and go into business for yourself. Call your own shots! Live life the way you want and GOD wants you too. If you’re smart, you would realize fear is an illusion. If you were smart you would stop kidding yourself and live life on your terms.

Here’s my golden parachute. Just wish you were smart like a fox not a mouse!

The Mentor