The Art of Secrecy

Everybody thinks there’s a secret! A secret to life, happiness, financial success, relationships. If you have not found it, you think its some sort of hidden treasure or something. What if with all those things, there were no secrets? What if it was much easier than you really wanted to hear? What if your answers to your questions of life, were right under your nose? What if there were no secrets or magic formulas?

The Art of Complication

When I first started writing books, my publisher told me that my books were to short and no one would buy them. Maybe, but I’m a no fluff guy, straight forward and able to make my point in fewer words than most! I resisted. Doesn’t matter! He insisted. If its too short, or in other words, not complicated, they don’t think things work. Diet, financial wealth, relationships, all the above require drama and complication in the publics eye to work. Seriously? I just could not comprehend that at first. So the next book, I literally said the same thing only in a different way to make the book around two hundred and fifty pages. Yep, book sales double. I just could not believe how the public wanted drama and complication over clarity and simplicity. There was no secrets to losing weight, building wealth or finding love, but people wanted the harder road to each. #SMH

The Art of Getting All You Desire

Weight loss, making a lot of money or finding the love of your life is not complicated. And it’s not about going out and getting them. Life holds no secrets. Your answers to all three of those are right under your nose, you just have too much complicated clutter to hear or see them. The art of getting all those, is in making Peace with what you have first. And that’s not a secret! That’s commonsense! If you cannot make Peace and contentment with the present, the world, GOD, and those around you will never give you more. That would be plain stupid and irresponsible on their part, don’t you think?

You live in a world of gluttony. Go look at your garage if you don’t think so. Your gluttony in thinking you need more is all but smothering your abilities to be blessed with more. You idol everything, covet everything to the point of hoarding and spend most of your life looking so far away that your answers to all your secrets are right under your nose. But you cannot see or hear them. The Art of finding the answers to the secrets of life are much simpler and easier to find that you can ever imagine!

The Mentor